We can save $4.1 million per year by using the digital Sacrament Meeting Program app.

Save $4.1 Million per Year!

We can save money immediately by using the digital Sacrament Meeting Program app!

  • 30,536 Congregations – In its' December 31, 2018 statistical report, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reported 3,383 stakes with 30,536 congregations worldwide.
  • 70 Copies – I create the sacrament meeting program for my ward and print 70 copies every week.
  • $0.04¢ per Copy – Our programs are double-sided, black & white copies. I estimate that each page of paper costs $0.02¢, and that it costs $0.01¢ to print each side (toner and printer costs), that's a total cost of $0.04¢ per program.
  • 2,137,520 Programs per Week – If each of the Church's 30,536 congregations prints 70 sacrament meeting programs per week (like my ward), that's a total of 2,137,520 programs per week (102,600,960 programs per year).
  • Save $85.5k per Week! – If 30,536 congregations, print 70 copies of the program, at $0.04¢ each per week, Latter-day Saints can save $85,500.80 per week by using digital programs.
  • Save $4.1M per Year! – $85,500.80 per week, times 48 weeks per year (skip 2 weeks for General Conference, and 2 weeks for Stake Conference) that's $4,104,038.40 per year we can save!!!

Certainly this money can be used better somewhere else, particularly since most of these programs are used once and then thrown away. Let's all use the Sacrament Meeting Program app and SAVE us some serious money!